Frequently Asked Questions

A: The registration for RIE Regular opens on 8th September at 6 PM. The registration closes as and when all the seats are booked.
A: RIE Prime allows you to subscribe for the event before we open the early bird window. If you sign up using RIE Prime, we will Guarantee you a seat for an additional early bird registration fee of Rs. 10,000. All you must do is sign up by paying a subscription of Rupees 10,000 (registration charges), Rs. 60,000 and Rs.45,000 (+GST) for yourself and your spouse.
A: You have been charged for prime along with the RIE fees (payment authorization only), you would be requested to wait till Early bird announcement. In case seats are not available you will not be charged and requested to proceed for normal registration.
A: Early Bird registrations are a way of securing a spot for you and your spouse/significant other at a significantly reduced participation fee. You need to book and pay on the date of registration to secure your spot for the event. The fee for early bird for an EO Member is 60,000 (+GST) and for Spouse/Significant Other is 45,000 (+GST). We have limited seats for Early Bird registrations. Once those limited seats are sold out the early bird registrations will be closed. (Typically, as per past experience seats are sold out in mere hours. you are strongly advised to book RIE prime if you want a guaranteed window).
A: General Registrations will go live on 8th September at 6 PM IST. With the previous experiences of RIE events, the early bird usually gets filled in a few hours of opening. Members are advised to block their seats due to the remarkable reputation and buildup of Riesthaan 2018 as early as they can. We have a limited no of seats for this once in a lifetime experience event. *Attendance in Impersonation will be strictly prohibited.
A: The Fee for EO Member is 100,000 (+GST) and for the spouse/significant other is 50,000 (+GST).
A: Travel to Host city & accommodation are not a part of the fee structure. Riesthaan team is working on great hotel deals for the members and we will be providing direct link to the recommended hotels for bookings. Participants are advised to book the same directly.
A: In the unlikely scenario of you registering for the event and not being able to make it, Rie team will offer you the opportunity to transfer your registration to an EO member or to a spouse/significant other (as the case may be) for a token transfer fee of 10,000 (+GST). If the registration was made through early bird structure then the difference of Early Bird and General registration needs to be paid also. The last date for transfer request is 30th January 2018.

*No refunds will be made on account of transfers (E.g Difference of amount on account of transfer from a member to a Spouse)

*Attendance in Impersonation will be strictly prohibited.
A: We unfortunately offer no cancellation for the event. In order to offer some flexibility, we have created a transfer policy. `.
A: If a member can support Riesthaan in getting a 20 Lacs sponsorship (Silver Category) , then Strategic alliance team will offer that member along with spouse/significant other complimentary Registration for the event. Last date to avail this is 31st December 2017
A: The mode of payment for the Riesthaan is only via credit cards and PAYTM. The registration will offer the following cards options: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and PAYTM. We will not be able to accept cash, checks or wire transfer for the registration.
A: The current GST will be charged at the rate of 18%. Incase you wish to avail GST Credits, please be advised that EO Membership is given to an individual member and not to his/her company. As such disqualification of GST credit should not be held against EO Jaipur.
A: No. As the membership is prescribed to an individual, TDS is not applicable.
A: Yes, you will need to pay the full amount to EO RIE and submit the invoice to EO global to claim refund from the Global team directly.

Dates for Registration

EO Jaipur:
26th August to 31st August 2017

RIE prime Sold out
Starting 1st September at 5 PM, Ending 2nd September at 5 PM

Early Bird Sold out

Full registrations
Starting 8th September at 6 PM, Ending as soon as the available seats are booked.

Transfer Closure
30th January 2018